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If you're driving through newer developments looking for new construction, having a knowledgeable Realtor with you can be the difference between a good home buying experience and a bad one. will help you navigate the seemingly infinite number of new homes today to pick one that's perfect for you.  Greg is our resident new construction pro having 30 years in the construction industry as Project Manager for the award-winning custom home building firm, BROM Builders.  Greg can help you to purchase through other builders OR create your dream home with BROM.

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Buyers of new construction in a development aren't happy when the homes that sell after theirs fetch a lesser price. Knowing this, the builder or developer often won't bend on price. (You'll appreciate this behavior after you've bought a home in the development of new construction!) Regardless, depending on the market and the status of the project, there's sometimes room for negotiation.

Say a property has been on the market a while and the builder has a lot sunk into it, then you have some room. The same goes for show or model homes that have been sitting for a while. However, if a home was just finished, don't count on being able to get a deal.

In situations where a builder won't budge, try getting a break in other areas. Ask for help with the closing costs, or additional amenities, like appliance upgrades, a garage door opener, a sprinkler system or landscaping, or an extended home warranty.Or take the contrary route. If a home is nearing completion, you can often save money by passing on suggested upgrades from the builder and installing things yourself.

New homes normally come with a warranty so it's important to get an understanding of what's included and what isn't. It's also imperative you get a home inspection before closing. Inevitable problems can be repaired (by the builder) before you move in and larger problems identified before it's too late. Since an inspection is relatively inexpensive, some new home buyers get an inspection after being in the home for 10 or 11 months - that way, the builder can make the repairs before a 1-year warranty expires.

Here's the latest Permit Data for CT. Ever wonder why it's hard to find a nice young home? Here's why: First, those who had them custom-built love their homes (in most cases) and the permitted activity here in CT is still under "normal" building levels. Purple is single-family permits and the orange are multi-family permits and the time frame is 1980-2014:

Finding you a new home that meets your needs and matches your budget will be our #1 goal. Give Greg a call at (860) 608-8659 to start the search for your new home today.

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